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Janae Catt


Janae Catt is soulful, but diverse, ustable, yet beautiful.  Born in New York City, and  raised in Florida as Stacey Davis,  this incredible performer has been singing since the tender age of 8 months old. Janae Catt is a musical and stage performance powerhouse to be reckoned with. Her professional journey began as she started singing at church, poetic events, karaoke and ultimately recording and writing.

With an early taste for the stage at the Coconut Grove Children’s
Theatre in Miami, Florida as an ensemble actress in Sneakers, Luann,
Runaways, and varied monologues, Janae went on to study Modern Dance, Tap,
Jazz, and Vocalism at Miami’s New World School of the Arts, film at
University of Miami. She also has various impressive film, TV & stage

She has recorded original music, including her single "Past The Pain", which can be found on Reverb Nation.


Janae is an original cast member of The Cabaret South Beach, having started at the original location on 12th Street in Miami Beach, and has been a part of The Cabaret family ever since. 

Valerie Marlin



lounge piano bar miami
Kezia Nell

Originating from Wellington, New Zealand and a uniquely old soul, singer/songwriter Kezia Nell was reared on a diet of 60’s soul, folk, jazz and psychedelia, which is reflected in her writing.


Blessed with silky tones and sassy poise, the svelte chanteuses voice recalls the powerfully husky sounds of Loretta Lynn and Elkie Brooks while retaining a distinct identity of its own with common flair for Burlesque inspired performance, she ensures a visual as well as aural feast. While drawing on this cabaret style she retains her rock in roll sensibilities, interacting with her band and the audience.


She moved to the US six years ago and has spent time living in Asheville, NC and Miami, Florida, where she released the music video My Miami under Kezia Vs The Lizard; a collaboration with house producer British Lizard which resulted this playful tongue-and- check electro pop track that plays homage to her time in Miami.


With a refreshingly confident approach to her art, she reflects: “On the whole I write love songs, but more along the lines of personal interaction and process. I don’t have a set sound, nor would I want one, I find the whole genre thing limiting, I just know a good song when I hear one, and a great album to me is one that has diversity’”

lounge piano bar miami
Sylvia Bremer 

Sylvia Bremer is a 24-year-old Cuban-American singer/songwriter.  She was born and raised in Miami, Florida.  Her mother was an actress, singer, and pianist in Cuba.  Her father was a doctor and currently works as a CPA in the states. By age 3, Sylvia was already performing at graduations and recitals.  Raised in a Christian household, she joined the church choir.  Bremer began writing songs at the age of 8, composing melodies on her piano. In middle school, she joined band and chorus where she learned to play percussion and perfect her vocal skills.  She attended Roxy Performing Arts Center in the summer of 2007 where she focused on musical theater and dance. As she grew older, Bremer began performing in dance competitions, benefit concerts, and Christmas shows. 


After graduating high school in 2011, Bremer enrolled in college where she majored in accounting while pursuing her musical career.  Bremer’s professional music career took off after a local musician reached out asking her to write and record for his album.  In 2013 Bremer, auditioned for The X-Factor and got wait listed to audition live in Los Angeles.  That same year, she changed her major to music production and vocal performance.

 After she was given the opportunity to perform at the Van Dyke Café in Miami Beach, Bremer showcased her vocal talent in the “Novell Soul Series.”  Bremer showed her audience her love for jazz and soul music each night. 

 In 2015, Bremer partnered with Vitto, a local EDM artist and music producer.  Together, they released over 5 original songs.  Her single, “This Kind of Love” was played on the radio, promoting her work throughout South Florida.

As more opportunities arose, Bremer put school on hold to pursue music full time.  She sang jingles for the dance station Revolution Radio 93.5, marketing herself and collaborating with artists and DJs, both local and international.  In January 2017, Sylvia flew to Chicago to audition for The Voice where she earned her place in the second round. After returning to Miami, she has been performing at showcases in the Shelbourne while releasing original music throughout the world.


 Continuing to show her diversity in the music industry, Bremer is currently working on her first EP.

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Carlos Camilo

At just 3 years old, Carlos Camilo began playing the piano. By the time he was 11, he was composing his own music. Today, he composes anything from smooth jazz to R&B and pop. In 2012, he released his first album titled Dim the Lights, which was a smooth jazz instrumental piano album and one he says has been his most influential.

“I like to give a positive vibe with my music, making the world a better place one song at a time,” Camilo said.

Growing up in Cuba, his music is inspired by traditional Cuban flavor mixed with American music. From an early age, Carlos Camilo knew he wanted to pursue music seriously, and has since been influenced by artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Earth Wind and Fire, Brian Culbertson, Brian McKnight, Michael Jackson, Hans Zimmer and countless others.

Carlos Camilo cites his main musical influences as the people around him and his daily experiences. Most of all, though? Love.

“Love is a key player in my songs,” he said. “I’m forever intrigued and passionate about its power and how influential it is to all of us. Without love, we’re simply mechanical beings.”

Today, Carlos Camilo mainly creates smooth jazz and R&B. He’s released five albums independently and had played his music all over the globe with other artists, including Spanish Latin superstar, David Bisbal. Currently, he’s working on his own band called Carlos Camilo and the Live Dimension. All in all, Carlos Camilo hopes to make a living doing what he loves with creating music, and completely immerse himself in it

Piano Players:

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Rachael Rage

Hailing from the coast of Maine, Rachael Rage is a singer, songwriter, pianist and occasional guitarist.  She grew up playing woodwind instruments from the age of 12, sang in the York High School Chamber Singers and performed in various plays and musicals throughout high school.  She started playing piano at a very young age, being fortunate to always have access to one.  She wrote her first song, a classical style piece at age 12 which she performed at the school’s talent show.  At 13 she wrote her first song with lyrics and sang and accompanied herself on the piano.  Some of her influences are Tori Amos, Janis Joplin, Freddy Mercury, Fiona Apple, Amanda Palmer and Regina Spektor. 


Rachael Rage started at the original location of The Cabaret on 12th Street in the fall of 2014.  It was a chance of fate in that she had originally applied for a bartending position at a sister bar attached to the Cabaret.  Upon mentioning she was a singer/songwriter they quickly asked her to come in for an audition for the Cabaret.  She had almost given up her dreams of being a musician until she was asked to start as a singing bartender.  Within her time working at the Cabaret she found her voice, started her band “Rachael Rage and The Magic City Mad Men” (, and eventually moved from behind the bar to behind the piano. 


You can see Rachael Rage at the Cabaret on Wednesday and Thursday nights as well as Sunday Brunch.  She enjoys performing rock and roll, but also plays pop, 80’s hits, some show tunes and standards.  

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Ricky Williams

Singer & songwriter, his mix of Smooth Jazz, R&B and Soul has stirred deep feelings among his fans who keep coming back for more. Ricky has performed before such stars as Don King, Rick James, Barry Gibb, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson & Prince VIP Parties.


Brought up in New York City, proved to be fertile ground for his music. Blind since 6 years old, he started his career at 9 on the drums, then began playing the piano at 14 with lessons from blind artist Valerie Capers. The genesis of his music career was really blessed when he was booked at such notable clubs as The Village Gate in Greenwich Village, The New Cotton Club and many after hour clubs in New York City.


To his many credits, he wrote “Misty Morning” for Ollie Woodson’s album, one of the original Temptations. He played Clavinet for Super Star Bennie King for his album “Super Natural”. Ricky has played with Bette Midler, Peter Niro, Roy Ayers, Sister Sledge, and Luther Vandross. 

live entertainment miami beach
Leon Novembre

Leon Novembre, a Haitian-American grew up in Hollywood, FL and took to singing and piano at a very early age.  He has an extremely diverse repertoire of music and is very versatile when it comes to music he performs whether it's classic or current.


He is a Hall of Famer for his high school graduating class whose skills have taken him all over the world, traveling all over America, to Europe, and even to Africa where he had the privilege of performing for several military men and women and civilians stationed at a US naval base.  


Several of his musical influences include Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Mariah Carey, Luciano Pavarotti, Michel Sardou, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Giuseppe Verdi, R Kelly, Usher, and many more.  His favorite current artists include Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Hardwell, Armin Van Buuren, Lady Gaga, Drake, & Bruno Mars to name a few.  He's proud to display his skills and share with anyone who will listen.

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